At Digital Inventory we like to think we bring lightness and a sense of relief to all parties. Read here what our customers think we do....

I rated this company 10 out of 10 as I have not met such a professional company as this one, if I need an inventory doing at short notice then they are willing to do this for me, I have used this company for many years and will continue to do so, all the staff are very polite and always there to answer any questions I may have.

The Lets Group

"As an experienced landlord, I can say that this was the most thorough and professional inventory service I have had. I now use them to do all my pre and post tenancy checks and use their mid-term checking service. Thoroughly recommend."

Lynda Martin, Portfolio Landlord

“Thank you very much for the quick delivery of the check out report ….. I am extremely thankful for the proactive, fast and professional manner in which you have completed the check out report and dealt with my uncertain schedule.”

“It had been a worry on my mind before you first phoned me. I felt that the issue was handled in a fair manner which had not been the case with any of my previous landlords or agencies.

Thank you very much ………..”

Florian Naumann, Tenant

“I am Manager of a Letting Company and have known Anne Marie for many years in a professional capacity and I like to think that throughout that time we have become good friends as well as work colleagues. Anne Marie deals with the inventory side of our business and on more than one occasion has moved her diary around to attend a property for me at very short notice. I consider her to be a very valuable member of our team. For as long as I have known Anne Marie she has always been extremely experienced, capable and professional at all times and I would highly recommend her and her company to anyone that enquires.”

Shirley Clarke – St Romaine Lettings

“In this day and age, service counts for everything. We at Kilostate pride ourselves on the level of our in house service. When having to outsource, it can be difficult to bring on someone that reflects your vision and delivery.”

“I am so pleased to have met Anne Marie whom I find pleasant, reliable, competent, professional and sincere. Even more, going the further distance when needed, by which she has helped us out many of times on short notice appointments which I’m sincerely grateful and apologize simultaneously for making her work out of hours.

Oh and did I mention how detailed the reports are….excellent….excellent…excellent! Truly happy to have Anne Marie represent us and recommend her to everyone.” “Anne Marie is a solid link to have in your business chain.”

Dal Singh, Kilostate Estate Agents

Digital Inventory is not just about inventory. We have been given so much support when it came to disputes or we simply needed advice. Your help made our job much easier. Sometimes inventories can become confusing, but you can always find a solution to ensure the document is legible and acceptable by the tenant as well. Thank you.

Timea Toth, Gales Estate Agents

“I would just like to say that you have been more than helpful with your advice and sorting out inventory issues for me and you have gone out of your way to help me deal with uncomfortable issues that I as a landlady had to deal with my tenants….I cannot thank you enough and your service has been amazing and you have gone beyond the level of service that an inventory company would have normally given! Thank you once again!”

Pauline Briscoe

"After having an informal dispute with our agent, Anne Marie upon being contacted, immediately made herself available, gave advice and mediated the situation to finalise the agreement. Had it not been for some of the pictures taken by Digital Inventory certain issues would not have been resolved as it was proof for us as tenants. Anne Marie was extremely polite, professional, helpful and honest, giving both sides of the argument so we could arrive at a fair conclusion. She was easy to contact as she always replied to e-mails and telephone messages. I would most definitely recommend their services as their thorough inventory and way of dealing with issues is something all companies should take on!"
Nazerene Williams - Tenant